Seven of the most absurd taxes of various countries of the world Business Articles
1. Bearded tax This tax was introduced by Peter the Great in 1689. At the same time, there was a clear separation of the types of beards - merchant, boyar,…

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This is not an information economy, but an economy of attention.
The world is changing. Absolutely new industries come into the first place, which no one knew about for several decades. This fundamentally changes the economy, when not only new spheres…

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1. Our perception depends on the price that we saw first You went to the store and saw a designer bag for $ 1000. "A piece of bucks for some…

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Mistakes that prevent you from getting rich

Do you have the feeling that you are constantly short of money? Do they literally leak between your fingers? Do they end sooner than you get the next amount? How to learn to attract, maintain and increase monetary success?

Often between us and real wealth are unloved business and the habit of feeling sorry for ourselves for any reason. In many ways, this is true. But suppose a person really likes his work (this is not such a rare case), and he is not inclined to feel sorry for himself – perhaps only a little and only on rainy evenings. However, not only millions, but simply there is no stable financial well-being. What is the matter?

Strange as it may seem, poverty also leads to poverty. Not only because the avaricious pays twice, the products with the Last Day discount are expired, and things on sale are substandard. A business owner who cuts a salary for an employee in a crisis to save a pretty penny will never be truly successful.

Dad, who is sorry for the money to educate the child, deprives him of the opportunity to find a good job, and himself, possibly, of excellent financial support in old age.

It’s not easy to admit you’re mean. Since childhood, we have become accustomed to saving money, they like money and those who spend a lot will not be rich. But even the habit of shaking left and right may not be as destructive as the desire to get more money right now and by all means. It is greed that makes a person clutch at unstable projects that promise quick profit, skip training (because it only distracts from earning “real money”), in the most difficult cases – get involved in financial pyramids, a network business selling unverified goods or fraudulent schemes.

Stinginess has a deeper reason than just Plyushkina syndrome. Many are used to measuring success with money, that is, the number of banknotes or (more often) wealth symbols that you can brag about right now. Is there an iPhone (car, laptop, plane)? And which model (it is important that the latest)?

Even if the new smartphone is really more convenient than all the previous ones, it is unlikely that buyers who queue at the store three days before the start of sales and take large loans to afford it, think about comfort. Money and time – sometimes to the detriment of work – are not spent on the gadget itself, but on a sense of self-worth, on the confirmation of the thought “I’m much better than everyone who goes with an outdated model.” This is the way to a standstill. The desire to appear rich and successful prevents one from becoming rich and successful. Truly wealthy people measure wealth not by conventional units, but by the ability to “make them” at any time from their labor and resources, and then buy from them what really makes life more pleasant, safer and more convenient.

Finally, another surefire way to be a loser is to earn some money and immediately move away from family and friends. And then, God forbid, you have to help, borrow, support! Splurge! Awful The reckoning for this can be very scary – not even because loneliness is painful, but for purely practical reasons. People with whom you are connected not by business, but personal relationships, can come to you during the most severe crisis, when you don’t have a penny left, and if necessary, they lend their own. The myth of a strong, lonely and independent “wolf of big capital,” which needs no one, is good for books and series. In real life, fortunately, creating and maintaining relationships with people is an essential component of success. Including financial.

The poor need a million, the rich need an idea!

So, you already realized that you can get rich only when you rebuild your consciousness, begin to think and act like a rich man. What psychological features lead to wealth?

The Psychology of the Poor and Rich
Poor people are poor because of how their minds work. They consider other people’s capital, they are afraid to take risks, justifying their inaction by the fear of losses and do not see ways to get a lot of money, even if they are under their nose.

Once the poor people approached the rich man and asked:

“Why do we live on the same land, but you are swimming in abundance, and we can barely feed ourselves?”

“Because you don’t see where the money is,” the rich man answered them.

– How not to see? – the villagers were surprised.

– Let’s do it. You ask the poor man to cross the suspension bridge without saying why. And I’ll put a bag of coins on the bridge. If he takes it, then the money will be yours.

People found a beggar and asked him to cross the bridge. He did so, never bent anywhere, didn’t lift anything. Everyone ran to him and asked: 105

“Have you really seen nothing?”

– Every day I walk this bridge several times. Today I wondered if I could cross it with my eyes closed …

What really distinguishes the people “created to be rich” from the rest?

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