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Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet: Forbes estimated his fortune at $ 131 billion. He is also one of the five most influential people in the world.

In 1994, Bezos founded Amazon. Initially, the company specialized in the online sale of books, but over the years has grown into the largest online store.

Retail is not the only source of income for Bezos.

In 2000, he founded the private aerospace corporation Blue Origin. Her mission is to make low-cost space flights. Already there are first successes: the New Shepard spacecraft flew six times into space with a successful return to Earth.

How are the interviews at Amazon.

Business approach

Assertiveness and hard work are the two main features that helped Bezos create a business empire.

In his leadership of Amazon, he uses the philosophy of “Day One” – it has become a “bible” for all employees. The meaning of philosophy: the company should focus on the result, not the process. And make decisions as quickly as possible.

As in startups, they strive to quickly make a decision and get a result, despite the possible risks. So they remain in Day 1. And large corporations over the years become less “mobile” – they linger on decisions, lose speed and result. So, go to “Day 2”.

Day 2 is inaction. It leads to obsolescence, and then to decline. That’s why we always choose Day 1,
– says Bezos.

Amazon’s corporate policy framework is customer focus. Even at the start, the company learned to put the interests of the client above all else.

At important meetings, Bezos always places an extra empty chair. He, he said, personified the Amazon client.

Bezos is sure: each of his employees should be able to listen and understand the needs of the client. Therefore, all Amazon employees, including top management, work once a year in the company’s call center.

Three books Jeff Bezos recommends:

“Built Forever” by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras;

“Data-driven Marketing” by Mark Jeffrey;

The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb.

Jack ma
Why Bezos, Ma and Musk are effective managers. 1

Jack Ma – the richest man in China, is one of the “twenty” of the richest people in the world. His fortune is estimated at $ 38 billion.

In 1999, he founded Alibaba Corporation, now it accounts for 80% of all online sales in China.

In 2014, Alibaba carried out an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange and attracted a record $ 21.8 billion in investments, even surpassing Facebook. Today, Alibaba has a capitalization of $ 490 billion.

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Business approach

One of the secrets to Alibaba’s success is the focus of its founder. Jack Ma says he repeatedly denied many opportunities to focus on business development.

The proper name of the company also plays an important role in its success. Jack Ma chose it for a reason.

For all the people surveyed, Alibaba was associated with a cave of wealth from the Arabian fairy tale “A Thousand and One Nights.” In this case, the name begins with the letter “A”, therefore, is at the beginning of all lists.

Ma sure: an entrepreneur who is frivolous about the name of the future company will not achieve success in business.

13 wise thoughts of Jack Ma

At the company, Jack Ma always puts customer interests first, employees second, and shareholders only third. For comparison: many US corporations primarily care about shareholders.

When you care about customers and treat employees well, you take care of the interests of shareholders,
– says Jack Ma.

He identifies three qualities without which one cannot become a successful leader:

High emotional intelligence – to be able to communicate with people;

High IQ – not to lose to competitors;

High “love ratio” – to enjoy the respect of employees.

Jack Ma employs only professionals. In his opinion, a good leader should find people smarter than himself. If you find these, you need to make sure that they work together.

Your employees should have better skills than you. Otherwise, you hired the wrong person
– says Ma.

The founder of Alibaba values ​​employee loyalty and motivation most of all. A loyal employee can work in the company for 20 years and not run across to a competitor. A motivated one will fight for the success of the company no less than the founder.

Three books that Jack Ma recommends are:

“Tao de jing”, authorship attributed to Lao Tzu;

“Built forever. The success of visionary companies, Jerry Porras and Jim Collins;

“Everyone comes here: the power of organizations without organizers,” Clay Shirky.

Elon Musk
Why Bezos, Ma and Musk are effective managers. 2

At 48, Ilon Musk managed to stand at the helm of four corporations: the PayPal payment system, the energy company SolarCity, the electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors and the space company SpaceX. In 2018, Forbes estimated his fortune at $ 22.5 billion.

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Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet: Forbes estimated his fortune at $ 131 billion. He is also one of the five most influential people in the world.…