Who is the Director of Logistics I compare the director of logistics with a traffic light at the intersection. Its role is to synchronize business processes, link the wishes of…

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The goal of any athlete is not only to become faster, stronger, more powerful, but also to achieve new records. Participate and win. Win more and more awards. Go global…

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Decision making algorithm
Each of us in everyday life constantly makes decisions. Almost always, the basis of decisions is copying one's own or third-party experience. Sometimes the basis of such decisions is their…

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Golden hour from Brian Tracy

Take time each morning to sit in silence and reproduce your goals. You can see, having read the biographies and autobiographies of successful women and men, that, without exaggeration, each of them began his path leading to the heights of success from the moment when they began to get up earlier and spend time alone with themselves.

Fill your mind with positive ideas.

This is called the Golden Hour. The first hour sets the tone for the whole day. The things you do during the first day prepare your mind and set the mindset for the rest of the day. For the first thirty or sixty minutes, take the time to think and reproduce your plans for the future.

Use time efficiently

Here are four things you can do during this calm morning time.

First – refresh your plans for achieving goals and adjust them if necessary.
Second – think over the most optimal ways to implement them. As an exercise, imagine that the path you have chosen is completely wrong, and try to imagine something completely opposite. What would you do different from what you are doing now?
Third – reproduce those significant lessons that you have already received and are getting in your way. Practice daily visualization
Fourth, calmly imagine your goals as having become a reality. Close your eyes, relax, and imagine that your plans have already come true. Rewrite your main goals in the present tense. Write “I earned X dollars.” “I have X net worth.” “I weigh so many kilograms.” This daily exercise to record and rewrite your goals is one of the most powerful ones you can ever master.
Fasten seat belts

Your life will begin to change at such a speed that you have to fasten your seat belts. Remember, the starting point for achieving financial success is a feeling of unshakable self-confidence and your ability to achieve goals. All that we are talking about is a way to build and develop your belief system until you finally reach the point of absolute confidence that nothing can stop you from achieving what you have in mind.

Everything is taken into account

No one starts with this kind of relationship, but you can develop it using the law of accumulation. Everything is taken into account. No effort is wasted. Any extraordinary accomplishments are the result of thousands of ordinary actions that no one notices and does not evaluate. The optimal task for you will be to learn to clearly concentrate your attention on your goals, and through the law of attraction you will inevitably attract people, circumstances and opportunities necessary to achieve goals.

Become a living magnet

Once you have worked on yourself and your thinking, you will become a living magnet for ideas and opportunities that will help you succeed. It worked with me and with all the successful people I know. It will work with you if you start today, now, right at that moment, think and talk about your dreams and goals as if they had already become reality. When you change your thinking, you will change your life. You will embark on the path to achieving financial independence.


Here are two exercises you can do every day to keep your mind focused on your goals:

First, get up every morning a little earlier and plan your progress throughout the day. Take some time to think about your goals and how you better achieve them. This will set the tone for the rest of the day.
Secondly, remember the important lessons you learned while working on your goals. Be prepared to change your course and adjust your actions. Be sure that you are moving towards your goals, no matter what happens around you at times. Just be persistent!

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