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Conducting a staff study: causes and benefits
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Company evolution Compared to 2011, when we started, Eco-Shop is completely different. Firstly, our stores have become more beautiful. Secondly, the range has expanded significantly. We started from 150 positions,…

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Burnout or how to stay yourself

Such a popular expression now is “emotional burnout” … What should happen to a person so that he becomes insensitive to others, immune to grief, to feelings, hard-hearted and rather rigid in his statements, not caring how much they can injure others.

But in essence this is a wound of the person himself, the so-called “fee for sympathy”: the more open you are to the world, the greater the likelihood that people will certainly use this soulfulness for their own purposes, without taking into account the finiteness of this resource.

And in the event that you let others into yourself, take their place, share the heavy burden of experiences with them, take responsibility for their lives without caring for your own, sooner or later you will burn out emotionally and stop even feeling your own soul.

It should be noted that all authors agree in the same opinion that communication factors in the course of performance of official duties are one of the main reasons for “burnout of personnel”, psychological and emotional overwork in the course of work. Excessive workload aimed at “giving” in the course of the current activities of representatives of helping professions leads to the depletion of personal, internal resources and, as a result, professional resources. In this case, the face of the so-called conflict between the requirements that a person presents to a profession and himself and his personal resources. Those. everyone loses: the employees, the employer, and society.

Those. it is generally accepted that burnout primarily affects people of the so-called helping professions whose activities are directly related to communication. But it is also undeniable that anyone can “burn out”, including a housewife who is overly involved in the process of establishing communication between relatives.

The main factor in the mechanism of burnout generation is the stress factor, which is quite strong in its effect, which has a clear tendency to recur, which is, first of all, connected with the periodicity of the specialist performing his professional duties.

So, at the moment, the opinions of researchers on the nature and structure of mental burnout are unanimous and come down to the fact that we are talking about the state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion observed in social workers. But, emphasizing the deterioration of performance, we should not forget about the deformation of the personality of a professional, which is an inevitable companion of this phenomenon.

The study of this problem led to the conclusion that burnout syndrome is a personality problem, leaving a negative imprint on life outside work, entailing changes in the structure of human values ​​and meanings, and, as a result, leading to a personality crisis.

What can prevent the development of this syndrome. Let’s talk about prevention, so as not to bring the situation to the occurrence of psychosomatic manifestations, when the body itself signals the impossibility of fulfilling its tasks. So, what needs to be done so as not to become hardened and not bring yourself to nervous breakdowns:

Dose communication, which is a key point in the professional activity of “burn-out” specialists
During the working day, you need to devote time to rest, to the opportunity to be with yourself, in your personal space.
It is necessary to be able to shift attention to a completely different field of activity:
on a hobby
“Pet the cat”
go out
go dancing
relax in nature
go to the bookstore,
flip through a magazine
those. both mentally and physically to be in another space.

It is important not to forget that the working day should be standardized, and the duration of the working week should not exceed 40 hours.
Take sleep every day for about 7-8 hours. This time is enough to completely restore the body and to bring mental processes back to normal.
Do not get involved in watching TV and “walking” on social networks – all this contributes to the over-excitement of the psyche and, therefore, to achieve a diametrically opposite relaxation result.
Going outside the office, leave in it all the sharp working moments, i.e. to get out of a work situation, not to keep it in yourself and not to transfer it to personal space.
Do not carry home incomplete professional matters so that it is as comfortable as possible for loved ones. It is possible to try to agree with them that for the first 10-15 minutes you should be alone in order to be able to:
take a shower,
listen to music
maybe beat the dishes
make yoga asanas,
to meditate
do auto-training,
take a walk with the dog
to work with the technique of deep breathing, etc.,
those. use everything that is close to you and brings relaxation. These 15 minutes are sometimes enough not to spill irritation, which is an integral companion of the first phase of this syndrome, to households, and so that family relationships are as environmentally friendly as possible.

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