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Sports hypnotherapy. How to pump the psyche of an athlete to win

The goal of any athlete is not only to become faster, stronger, more powerful, but also to achieve new records. Participate and win. Win more and more awards. Go global and be the best in your sport.

The thirst for victory makes the day and night not get out of the training ground, and all thoughts are occupied only by the upcoming competitions.

sports hypnosis
Start. Rivalry. And again you are not on the podium. Why it happens?

Victory has two sides to the coin. The first side is the athlete’s physical condition. This includes his physical form, daily workouts that last for years, indicators and results, etc.

In the vast majority of cases, this all ends. The athlete is in excellent physical shape, he has good indicators, he has been engaged for a long time, but for some reason does not achieve the desired result in competitions.

The reason for this is on the other side of the coin – a mental state. But how does this condition affect the athlete? Most mistakes made by athletes occur due to the disconnection of consciousness from the process. The brain is the main tool of the mechanism of the whole body, and thanks to it, you can use all the reserves of a person – both physical and mental, which will allow you to reach the desired result.

How is hypnosis and sport related? What is the advantage of sports hypnotherapy?
My name is Nikita Baturin. I am a certified specialist in the field of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and psychology. My clients include the champions of Russia and the world, so I know very well about the influence of the mental state on the success of the athlete’s performance at the competitions.

Work with athletes begins with identifying the main uncomfortable emotions (internal tension, fixation on mistakes, fears, and, no matter how strange it sounds, anger, resentment, guilt and other feelings also affect the athlete’s mental state). Sometimes, even one-time help gave good results in the form of gold at local competitions.

Speaking about competitions of the Russian and world level, serious work lies ahead, because here it is necessary to make tremendous efforts to “clean” the psyche of the athlete from old patterns of thinking, false beliefs about himself and various fears. We will not be cunning that each person has a number of fears, and athletes, as a result of expanding the comfort zone and emotional tension of the competition, get up especially sharply, preventing him from winning the coveted award.

When working with athletes, it is necessary to take into account the fact that all uncomfortable and disturbing feelings, beliefs are removed only in a hypnotic state. With the load during the competition, it is this approach that gives the most stable result.

How to psychologically prepare an athlete for a performance? Here are a few points when preparing an athlete for a competition.
The first thing to do is to remove the “tip of the iceberg.” “The tip of the iceberg” is what worries the athlete himself in competitions, where a mistake occurs in his training. This may be the fear of evaluation, the fear of error, the fear of criticism, the fear of public speaking, the fear of an opponent, resentment, guilt and other uncomfortable feelings.

Next, you need to delve into the deepest beliefs about yourself. Are you worthy of victory? Are you better than your main rival? Perhaps inside there is a terrible insecurity in their abilities.

The main point in working with an athlete is to strengthen the mind-body connection.

This connection is established by isolating mental-visual images that turn into bodily movement training. This approach allows you to strengthen or improve the athlete’s result.

And that’s not all!

It is necessary to work out the result. Now it’s worth sending the athlete to perform, so to speak on the “battlefield”, and check all the achievements. It happens that after working through one feeling, an “additional” one pops up, one that reinforced the core. Then it should be finalized.

In an interview after a long-awaited victory at the Russian Championship, and then the world, one of my climbing athletes said that “after working with a psychologist, I became more confident than ever. Before that, I could not cope with my emotions, because in climbing it is extremely important – to tune in as quickly as possible in a few seconds. In our sport, there are many confusing factors – the same time fixation at the finish line does not always work. It is very important to remain extremely focused in such moments, but relaxation should also not be forgotten. Because for the sake of fast passage of the route it is necessary to climb quite freely and relaxed. ”

A prerequisite for any therapy is the creation of a comfortable zone between the client and the hypnotherapist. So, the results will be many times better, because a person must entrust his psyche to another.

Now, many Russian athletes are just beginning to switch to the study of the psyche, and not just physical training, and they are doing it right!

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