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The psychological aspect of career growth: every gesture is important

Work is not just a list of responsibilities that we carry out for money. First of all, this is the existence in the work collective and interaction with it. Psycholinguists have confirmed the fact that the skill of strategically correct behavior is sometimes more important than experience and applied knowledge.

Starting from the first personal meeting with the employer, every gesture is important.

HR specialists at one of the largest job search sites in Russia,, shared their observations on the behavior of candidates for interviews and personal impressions.

An average interview lasts from 30 to 40 minutes. About 35% of employers decide “for” or “against” the candidate in the first 90 seconds of a personal conversation.

So, what does the employer pay attention to in person?

The first thing that a personnel officer or manager notes for himself is not education or “smart eyes”. They focus on the following: how a person is dressed, how he behaves as a whole.

40% of managers notice only the general confidence of the candidate and the voice. Only 7% of respondents listen to what the applicant says and evaluate his intellectual abilities.

Eycharas admit that there are a number of behavioral errors that strongly affect the final decision.

8 major non-verbal errors of the applicant:
the candidate does not smile at all;
arms crossed on the chest;
too active gestures;
the applicant often pulls his hair and touches his face;
Does not look into the eyes at all (does not support eye contact);
poor posture;
weak handshake;
fussy movements (disinhibition).

Use only positively-colored words when communicating with management. You should not answer the request with phrases like “no problem”, “I will try”, “I hope that it works out” and all that sort of thing. By such a statement of the answer, you will prove yourself an insecure person and make you doubt you.
Everyone has setbacks at work. If you are accused of failure of a case – do not make excuses. In no case should you blame others and shift responsibility. Take a break and ask for an explanation of the essence of the error and what needed to be done without unnecessary emotions. Such behavior will show you as a responsible and adequate person.
It happens that the project for which you have been preparing for a long time is given to your colleague. Many would start to shout about injustice and be offended by the leadership in the picture – this is exactly what cannot be done in any case. Resentment is the reaction of an immature person. The best way is to choose the right moment and talk with your boss: explain to him that you also wanted to work on this project, and also find out what you did not have enough to get this job. Promise to work on your competencies so that the manager does not have doubts about your account.
You are delegated authority that is not part of the job responsibilities. In most cases, you can answer simply – this is not my responsibility, and refuse to work. This is normal, but with this attitude you should not expect an increase. Drawing a strict boundary between the concepts of “my work” and “not my work”, you let know that you disagree or are not capable of more. Psychologists advise nevertheless to do additional work, and then go to your manager and tell about what has been done, ask him to review his job duties, and at the same time – his salary.

We can all be more productive as individuals and organizations. You can always increase profits by just adding resources from the outside. But what improves productivity? Generally not an increase…


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