Effective communication

Why explanations may fail
Try to imagine what a wide range of opportunities in the field of personal and professional relationships will open before you when you learn to clearly explain. How much easier…

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Let's look at our lender, he gave a loan of $ 250, the business is profitable, we can pay him 10% per year, he is happy because he gets 10%…

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How can I make a living
Our life is designed so that without money we are "nowhere." Starting from the simplest needs to larger ones, all this requires finance, otherwise we will be deprived of something…

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Betrayal: a phenomenon and traditions. In life and business

Betrayal: a phenomenon and traditions. In life and business
After some event related to the topic, he drew attention to philosophical and psychological research in this area, and it turned out (yes really ?!): firstly, the phenomenon is quite widespread in life in general and in business in particular (not to be confused with “Kiddies” and trickery are two different things); secondly, traumatic, very painful for the person, leaving the deepest wounds and feelings – both the one who and the one who; thirdly, a rather confusing event, accompanied by sophisticated self-explanations and self-flagellation, and finally, not the most studied phenomenon in psychology and very little coverage for business. Continue reading

A paradigm shift: the past and present of the organizational model

Can we create organizations free from politicking, bureaucracy and internal corporate struggle? Organizations where employees are not in perpetual stress do not experience resentment or bitter apathy. Companies where the “above” do not pretend to be important, while the “below” operate as hard labor. Much depends on your answer! A fundamentally new look at the development of organizations, which will help move to the next level of development and build a conscious and integral company of the future.

To see is not to understand, to understand is to see! You see things not as they are, but as you are. Continue reading

Learn to talk like a boss

In his book, Bruce Tulgan addresses the key problem of modern managers – the epidemic of “non-management” – and offers concrete steps to help you become a strong manager who: clearly voices his expectations to employees, regularly receives and analyzes feedback, corrects mistakes of subordinates in time, and even faster rewards them for success.

Do you spend a lot of time talking with employees? You discuss hundreds of topics: “How was your weekend?” Did your son’s birthday go well? Have you seen this TV show? ” Perhaps you want to talk with employees about their personal affairs in order to build closer ties with them. However, this approach interferes with management relationships. When a discussion begins to concern working issues, you cannot always take full advantage of your power. Continue reading

Burnout or how to stay yourself

Such a popular expression now is “emotional burnout” … What should happen to a person so that he becomes insensitive to others, immune to grief, to feelings, hard-hearted and rather rigid in his statements, not caring how much they can injure others.

But in essence this is a wound of the person himself, the so-called “fee for sympathy”: the more open you are to the world, the greater the likelihood that people will certainly use this soulfulness for their own purposes, without taking into account the finiteness of this resource. Continue reading

Problems with the boss. Difficult boss

How often do we hear from friends the phrase “my boss annoys me” or “my boss is a tyrant”? Sometimes disagreement with the boss becomes the main reason for dismissal. Do not rush.

It is important to understand why a person has a desire to put other people in a situation of discomfort, and sometimes simply to humiliate him. A bad attitude does not always mean that you have a bad leader. Maybe one of the employees does not agree with the boss characters or the boss has a black streak in life. Or maybe a person is simply out of place. How to build healthy and productive relationships with even the most problematic bosses? Continue reading

Social laziness in a team or Let's do my job together
Social laziness in a team or Let's do my job together The effect of social laziness (Ringelman effect) is a psychological effect consisting in a fall in individual effectiveness when…


Rental Accounting Program
Almost all spheres of industry, trade and production are automated today, thanks to which it is possible to increase the efficiency of enterprises. New programs appear annually and old technologies…


Triggers and motivation in advertising
Why do some products get our attention and some not? How do some foods shape our habits? Do these products have any similar features and patterns? This book describes a…


1. Psychological "jumping to the moon" The parent company Google Alphabet has a department X, which is engaged in the development of innovations: unmanned cars, augmented reality glasses, smart lenses.…