Effective communication

A commercial offer should sell, and here and now. Not necessarily a product - its purpose may be to agree to a meeting or request terms of cooperation. In practice,…

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5 killers of creativity and what to do to create an incentive for creativity? No. 1 - Multitasking and Distractions I know that some people have mastered the art of…

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Betrayal: a phenomenon and traditions. In life and business
Betrayal: a phenomenon and traditions. In life and business After some event related to the topic, he drew attention to philosophical and psychological research in this area, and it turned…

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All the benefits of a self-adhesive label

It is a mistake to believe that self-adhesive labels are products with a limited scope. Remember, while strolling in the store, what is the first glance at? Bright, with a three-dimensional image and high detail, commodity stickers literally take prisoner ordinary man in the street. Food, household and car care products, perfumery, alcohol segment. The modern market does not exist without a trademark that stands out on the label.

What about the logistics industry? Moving huge volumes of cargo, there is simply no time to identify each baggage manually, plus everything has the requirements of automated systems that read data from labels in a specific format.

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Shop automation: how much does it cost?

Automation of a store is a set of equipment and a program that can perform a minimum set of functions, be free, or for a small fee, take on most of the daily routine tasks and calculations.

The exact price of a retail store automation depends on its needs. If the outlet sells alcoholic beverages, then it needs to be connected to EGAIS and a cash register with a scanner that supports working with this system. There are many equipment options, you can take both sophisticated equipment and the usual economical POS system. EGAIS-enabled barcode scanners cost from 800 rubles. You also need special software that will work with the desired system. Continue reading

Rental Accounting Program

Almost all spheres of industry, trade and production are automated today, thanks to which it is possible to increase the efficiency of enterprises. New programs appear annually and old technologies improve.

Today in every office there is a PC and the necessary software package for work. The program for rent accounting, which appeared not so long ago, is now actively used by enterprises. The availability and functionality of the program allows you to establish a full-fledged work of the company and increase sales. Anyone can try the free version to find a suitable room.

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How can I make a living

Our life is designed so that without money we are “nowhere.” Starting from the simplest needs to larger ones, all this requires finance, otherwise we will be deprived of something that we would really like. So let’s not sit on the couch and dream of a new phone, but just start to do something, but we’ll also figure out where we can make money.

There are 2 main options, from which many methods follow. That is, it is work for someone or work for oneself. Working for someone else’s uncle implies something like this: you write your resume, post it on various sites, or send it to your employers yourself. You are invited to interviews, one of which you pass successfully, and now the very routine begins. Continue reading

Real techniques for increasing sales in a beauty salon

The best ways to increase sales in a beauty salon
Many directors and owners of beauty salons, regardless of sales experience, years spent in the cosmetology industry market, and other business skills, cannot give an exact answer to the question: “how to sell more to customers”. Most do not even want to take on active sales of this kind, arguing that it is too aggressive business management that can “annoy” the organization. And the staff is not interested in such a trade, for reasons of low motivation. We asked Spartak Sergeyevich Andriyoshin, the owner of the consulting company Moscow Sales Academy, to tell our expert opinion. Continue reading

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We can all be more productive as individuals and organizations. You can always increase profits by just adding resources from the outside. But what improves productivity? Generally not an increase…


Why explanations may fail
Try to imagine what a wide range of opportunities in the field of personal and professional relationships will open before you when you learn to clearly explain. How much easier…


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Rental Accounting Program
Almost all spheres of industry, trade and production are automated today, thanks to which it is possible to increase the efficiency of enterprises. New programs appear annually and old technologies…