Company evolution Compared to 2011, when we started, Eco-Shop is completely different. Firstly, our stores have become more beautiful. Secondly, the range has expanded significantly. We started from 150 positions,…

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How can I make a living
Our life is designed so that without money we are "nowhere." Starting from the simplest needs to larger ones, all this requires finance, otherwise we will be deprived of something…

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Where is our buy button?
“The subconscious activity of the earthworm is much more complicated from the information point of view of what our consciousness does” (I. N. Pigarev). It is clear that I am…

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Decision making algorithm

Each of us in everyday life constantly makes decisions. Almost always, the basis of decisions is copying one’s own or third-party experience. Sometimes the basis of such decisions is their own subjective judgment, interpretation of input data, information. What is useful for the average person and specialist to know when making decisions independently in the professional sphere and in life? What pitfalls inevitably fail our judgment?

She remembered the words of the dying Colonel Zafar:
“A trap of consciousness … fear secret desires,”
they heard a warning.
Frederick Paul, Jack Williamson, Space Reefs

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Packaging as a necessary element of brand formation

Most of the goods in the view of the buyer are associated primarily with packaging. This applies mainly to consumer goods: food, household goods, cosmetics, equipment, stationery and others. Without packaging, for example, chocolates look about the same. But as soon as the wrapper appears, it immediately becomes possible to distinguish the sweeter chocolate company “N” from the more bitter company “K”, without trying them. Color, texture, material, shape, style, the presence of the logo and the already remembered trademark enable the consumer to make an impression of the product before buying, without evaluating its functional qualities. From time to time, manufacturers make changes to the packaging of goods, thus having the opportunity to make a new impression on regular customers and attract those who have not tried the product. Continue reading


50% of small businesses close during the year. The survival rate of IT startups is even lower – 9 out of 10 companies expect failure.

Learn how to learn from mistakes and not turn failure into total defeat, in our blog post by Neil Patel, BPlans, and Harvard Business Review.

Why do companies fail?
#1. Bloated ego
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Learn to talk like a boss
In his book, Bruce Tulgan addresses the key problem of modern managers - the epidemic of "non-management" - and offers concrete steps to help you become a strong manager who:…


Social laziness in a team or Let's do my job together
Social laziness in a team or Let's do my job together The effect of social laziness (Ringelman effect) is a psychological effect consisting in a fall in individual effectiveness when…


Successful woman: psychological portrait
Every day, every person has to make uncomfortable decisions and participate in conflicts. To successfully cope with these tasks, you need to stock up not only with patience and determination,…


Finding the Buy button
“When nature was limited to fit, we would go down to the cattle” (W. Shakespeare, “King Lear”). In my previous article “Where is the Buy button”, I wrote that, based…